Thursday, July 28, 2005

Four girly movies later...

I have finally finished my Candy Quilt block. I can't wait to meet everyone, but I'm afraid I am now cross-eyed from all that hand-embroidering and -sequining. Wish the lettering were more perfect, but I was winging it, and that's part of the "hand-crafted" charm, right? Here goes: candy dots -Messica

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Felting Fubar

The boy wanted a knitted wool hat. So I got my needles and a cool pattern book and found something I dug. I carefully knit a test swatch and threw it in the washer for felting (a process in which one turns loose floppy knitting into a tight, thick, wind-proof fabric by washing it in hot water; it's other name, when done on accident, is shrinking). Using the measurments created by shrinking my swatch, I mapped out a pattern for the hat. I incorporated yellow snowflakes and these nifty earflaps.
Then, I threw it in the washer, confident it would felt (shrink) in the same proportions as the test swatch.
Hubris, I tell you.
Instead I got this: a felted football helmet.
Turned upside down, it's a nice basket.
In it's current form, the boy has cut eyeholes in it and wears it to freak out the neighbor kids.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Archana just sent the evite for the August conspiracy meeting. If you didn't get the evite, leave a note & we'll shoot one over. We'll be doing henna and taking a dip in her pool and hot tub. Niiiiiice.

Friday, July 22, 2005

funky monkey

Over at Loobylu there is a monthy call for "softies". This is the first time I'll have made the deadline, and I really had fun. This is a gift for a sweet friend that will have her very own little monkey in just a couple of months. I broke down and bought the socks at Crafty Planet for about $12, but now I think it would be fun to try it with other kinds of socks.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Final Call for Candy Quilt Blocks

I believe I'm waiting on quilt blocks from Summra, Buster, and Messica. Is anyone else planning on doing a block? Can you lovely ladies get me your blocks within the next week? I want to get moving on this thing. Molly--I did receive your block in the mail--thank you! It's lovely!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Craft Conspirators Attend Wearables Party

Hey there, conspirators. Last night, fellow conspirator Jo Lynn and future conspirator Jessica and I attended the wearables party and fashion show sponsored by Recyclaholics and the Alliance for Sustainability. Fashion police at the door made sure that attendees wore recycled clothing items. No problems here. Jessica's outfit was made of astroturf left over from their porch, and vintage fabric. She also had embroidered a little butterfly on it. Jo Lynn, as many of you know, is a film editor. She fittingly created a sexy little dress out of VHS tape. My dress was made of 100% recycled materials--phone books, second-hand shoes revamped, all notions (zipper, etc.) from a second-hand store, and tulle left over from a friend's wedding.

Image Hosted by

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Check out the guy in the City Pages suit behind us--it was awesome.

Image Hosted by
This is the only photo I have with a full-length view of my dress. I believe at this time I was showing off my yellow pages shoes.

Friday, July 08, 2005

the state fair

Fellow craft goddesses, I am sorry I missed the Craft Conspiracy meeting last night. I had some friends in town unexpectedly. I promise to attend the next meeting!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I always enjoy looking at all the crafts in the creative activities building at the Minnesota State Fair. Everything from quilts and crochet to pickles and jam serves to amaze and inspire my crafty self. In fact, for a long time I have dreamed of entering something in the state fair. A couple of years ago, my mom entered a pound cake in a baking competition. She didn't win a ribbon, but it is an honor just to make it into the display case because not everyone does. Yesterday I pre-registered to enter a piece in the category of Mosaic, on a flat surface. I am entering this rooster mirror that I made over the winter when Julie and I took a mosaic class. The mirror has a total state fair motif going on with the poultry and hints of a blue ribbon.

I encourage all crafters to enter something in the Fair. You can register on-line. It's easy and then when I go to the fair I can admire your handiwork.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Notes on July Conspiracy Meeting

Craft Conspiracy was super fun, ya'll! Summra taught us all embroidery, and we made groovy flower pins. And of course there was delicious food and wine. I'll post a photo of my pin when I get a chance. A few peeps committed to finishing quilt squares--get them to me in the next week, if you can!!

Next month's meeting: Henna!!! Stay tuned.

Also--I think we're going to forge ahead with the next group quilt. Julie's in charge. When she's ready, she'll tell us the theme!

Conversation Hearts

Can't wait to see you crafty ladies tonight! Here's the detail of my candy square.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Contributors Still Needed for Candy Quilt

The theme for this month's group quilt is "Candy."

Make your block 13" x 13"--the main colors are pink and orange.

Bring a block Thurs night! We need about 8 more.

The completed quilt will be donated to Project Linus.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Malmberg's Has 50% off all Plant Material Tomorrow

Located at Hwy 100 & Brooklyn Blvd. They're open 10-5 Sunday, they'll have 50% off everything Monday, too.

Friday, July 01, 2005

back to the topic of crafts....

Here are some great websites if you are into mosaics. Mosaic Matter has lots tips and answers to common questions about mosaics. They also have a very nice gallery of fine mosaic arts. Society of American Mosaic Artists has a great newsletter called the The Groutline. I also learned a lot from reading through the Frequently Asked Questions at Mosaic Mercantile. If you want bulk quantities of mosaic tile they have good deals. If you want to buy small quantities of tile, Mosaic Art Supply has great prices. I recently ordered some vitreous glass tile in greens and browns for my bird table (I gave up on the stone idea). Many of the colors were 60 cents for 25 tiles! That is about how much I pay for a plate at Value Village. Not bad!