Sunday, December 18, 2005

yay turtle doves!

here's the turtle dove i made at the mess's wonderful december party... and another one that i made afterwards!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

January--Crafting for a Cause!

Hi all. Tonight's conspiracy was excellent! Hopefully The Mess will be posting photos.

I wanted to give you all a heads-up on the January conspiracy and start doing some brainstorming. Julie knows of a family at her school that is in need of some craft conspiracy love. It is a family of five children. The oldest is 18, and is 7 months pregnant. The father is out of the picture, the mother passed away this past summer, and the 18-year-old's baby-daddy is out of the picture now, too. The 18-year-old is basically taking care of all the younger kids, and they're living in a tiny little apartment.

Tonight we decided to dedicate the next meeting to helping the family out in some way. I'll be hosting the next meeting, and hope to have my new craft space set up so we can get down to business. I'll throw out a few ideas below, and I hope you'll all have input! I also hope we can get some high attendance at the next meeting, so plan to come & tell all your friends!

Idea 1: A crafty care package. We'll have different stations, sewing quilts & stuffed animals, knitting hats & mittens, making felted blankets, stenciling t-shirts & bags, etc. Basically, we'll get everyone to chip in their skills, time, and materials and give them a basketful of warm fuzzy stuff.

Idea 2: Raise some money by making excellent crafty things and having an online auction or some other type of sale. The idea here is if we all work together to make some funky crafty objects, we can put them in the hands of people who would really dig them, get some hopefully generous donations for the items, and give the family a nice fat check.

Idea 3: Blankies for everyone! We can get an assembly line going. I've got it all worked out in my head. We'll have cutters, sewers, embroiderers, appliquers, tie-ers (tyers?), etc. and we'll kick out a bunch of fun quick quilts with some extra crafty love. If we get enough people to do this, I think we can break down all of the tasks to get the quilts made relatively quickly. You'll learn how to do all kinds of things. In addition to quilts, we could make a felted blanket(s) (wash wool sweaters in super hot water to felt, cut into squares & sew together) and/or crocheted blankets (who had this skill? Allison?).

I am mostly a fan of the quilts. I could teach you all the slash & sew method (see the quilt below) and a few other quick-quilt methods. At the same time we can do appliques and other funky unique stuff. I really like the idea of presenting the family with some made-with-love stuff (e.g. ideas 1 or 3); but at the same time, it seems like the family might just need money. We could do some combination of both? I don't know. Please think about it and share your ideas.

Below is a baby quilt I made last winter using the slash & sew method--this is something we could work on assembly-style if you want to do the quilt thing.

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